Moments Project

Written by Alicia Miller

When you tell a story, what is the first things you need? A setting. Vital pieces of information to help paint the picture. TIME + PLACE. These things make it much easier to take someone  where you want them to go. 

For example, I could say: "I was drinking my coffee and it made me feel happy." OR, I could say: "I was sitting in my bed wrapped in fluffy white comfortors at 7:09am on a Sunday drinking my coffee and it made me feel happy." Maybe it's just me, but I find oddly specific detail about a setting to be comforting and satisfying. 

And so with that concept in mind, @MOMENTS.PROJECT was born. The focus is to bring people into a scene in my life and also invite others to share a moment from their lives as well. The use of the timestamp is to present a specific thought about being at that place at that time. What it would feel like in that instance. 

It might have just started out as a concept to fuel my love affair with time and number significance, but my hopes for this project have shifted. I love to connect with people wether it's visually, with music or words. My hopes are to connect with people by showing my life and what I do while the clock ticks on. I hope to take people somewhere if only for a moment. 

-7:17AM- Good Morning. No matter what's going on in my day, coffee is always part of the plan. Hot or iced? Latte or drip? Should I make it at home or visit my favorite coffee shop? There are so many moments to be had before, during, and after my daily fix. I've been a barista for over 5 years and this particular moment is all about crafting comfort in a cup just as the sun is rising. Freshly ground espresso + warm frothy milk. Cheers! 

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 6.44.12 PM.png

-8:40PM- I went to Washington for the first time August 2015. I love going to a new place because it's different, exciting and new, but also fleeting. Knowing that, I looked for what was different from home. Due to the time of the year it was, the sun set very late. Hours later than home. The sunlight was different, the colors were different. The air was fresh and smelled like pine trees. I'd love to see more moments from places I've never been.

Keri Kubota