Dear You.

Dear You,

Before I dive into my concept of this new brand here, I just wanted to explain a little more about what happened with Peace of Paradise (RIP). This past February I encountered some unfortunate Trademark complications which gave me no other choice than to sell through all my inventory ASAP + completely take everything offline. This unexpected rollercoaster of events left me 150% heartbroken.

It was so much more than just my business name. In retrospect, I see that my old brand was sitting passenger seat with me as I rode through this crazy life. We grew together every single day. Reading the concepts behind my collections that'd take me HOURS to write & rewrite over (and over) is like reading my diary, like unfolding each chapter of my life represented through art.

These past few months I've taken the time to get reinspired. It wasn't easy but I took all the heartache and channeled every bit of positive energy I could, to get my butt back off the ground. Nature has continued to show me that it holds all of the answers to my questions. It speaks to me in ways I can only feel through my emotions. What was once an ugly situation, soon became a blessing in disguise that I am forever grateful for. 

Now that we're all caught up, THANK YOU for sticking around through all of this. I'd never have the strength without you. Here's to new beginnings... x @imaginarykeri

Keri Kubota