I'm an Artist + full-time Soul Searcher from Kailua, Hawai'i. 

Growing up in this small town pushed me out of it– I was always restless to run off and find my true callings everywhere else but home. After six years away at school and attempting to look for everything I ran away from, I found myself wiping up the tears and happily moving my life back where I started.

The list of things that inspire me are endless. From creating art, to nature, to traveling, to connecting with like-minded souls, to love & good vibes, to old music & new ideas... this is my happiness. I've learned as an artist [& human], it's important to surround ourselves with these things.

Moving back to my roots has truly been helpful in building my foundation. Its given me the opportunity to appreciate everything through new eyes and grow in many ways. It has reassured me of my passion + purpose through both challenge and success. 

My wish for everyone is that they'd believe in themselves just enough to genuinely follow their heart. Through the fears, doubts, struggle, and competition...  it's all worth it, in every aspect. Your happiness is always worth it.

x @imaginarykeri