POP Collection Concepts


I grew up in Paradise and took it for granted. Never really appreciating the incredible beauty these islands have to offer, always thinking my happiness was on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. My move back home after 6 years away has truly inspired me to be passionate about my work. As artists, it's so important that we know ourselves... That we find what fuels our creative energy. I find my happiness hidden everywhere here, from swimming in crystal clear water to the way the setting sun changes the colors of the mountains. 

Peace of Paradise is my happiness I share with others through my design. No matter where you are in this world, it's important that you have a place to escape, a place to get away from reality. My mission is to offer my perspective of happiness through different kinds of media, so that others can find their own. I'm so stoked to be launching my very first clothing collab with HVN Apparel... It's been such an honor to learn and grow with the team! Check out their website and instagram.



Feet on the ground, head in the sky. Every day I continue to be inspired by my home. The culture, the vibes, and the interconnectedness I find here is irreplaceable. I've planted seeds in other places around the world, leaving them wherever I find my happiness...but my cultivation here in Hawaii is limitless. I find that the more I fall in love with my home, the deeper my roots continue to grow and provide me constant support. They allow me to dream and they allow me to imagine while keeping me grounded.

I am so deeply inspired by this idea to 'bloom where you are planted'...so this was where the inspiration for the Roots Theory collection came from. I believe it's possible for everyone to bloom, but sometimes the hardest part is finding home. When you find a place where you feel deeply established, plant your seeds. With your own cultivation, you'll find the inspiration you need. 



LIBERATE: To be freed from imprisonment of social construction.
SOUL: Our essence; the spiritually immortal part of every living thing.

Your soul chose you for a reason. It is the spiritual foundation of who you are. From the day we're born, we are constantly constructed from social norms and identities. These ideas affect us each differently and they ultimately interfere with our individual pursuits of happiness.

Liberation exists in all of us. It lies within our eternal happiness and it's our purpose to find it. "None but ourselves can free our minds" from self-created limitations. Let's open our minds and examine new ideas. You'll find what you're looking for once you enlighten yourself to your true existence. Let's just be who we really are.



The Essentials were created as "basics" for Peace of Paradise apparel. I'm excited to finally include the guys over here...men's apparel is a totally different ball game and I'm loving the challenge!

Instead of focusing on a single model, for this collection I did a total of TEN different photoshoots at over 50 different locations adventuring across O'ahu and the Big Island of Hawaii. I spent the whole time BEHIND the camera, shooting with several [kinds of] people so I could fully bring my vision to life. Whether I knew them or not, whether they had experience or not, working with each of my models was so amazing! Seeing them wear The Essentials out in nature, embracing the environment, and having fun (I hope), was incredibly humbling. It only fueled my inspiration to continue creating.

Photoshoots are probably what I'd rather be doing at any given time...I'm learning to appreciate the transiency of nature; sunlight, clouds, wind, water movement. I still need lots of practice with the camera, but more so with being mindful + aware in general. Knowing that, my idea is to continue creating Essentials for myself and for everyone to wear as mindful reminders.

Keri Kubota